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It’s hard to believe that the "Hacker's Day Conference" is just around the corner — in only a few days to be exact! The whole team in Lucknow getting ready and seriously, this is going to be a fantastic event.

Now we'll be sharing an exclusive interview with one of our Geek Speaker, speaking at "Hacker's Day Conference". Today, we're featuring "Ishwar Prasad Bhat" .

Q. Please tell us about yourself ?

Ishwar : I am Ishwar Prasad.I am Certified Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert.I am the founder and Managing Director of Necurity Solutions(A Cyber Security Company).

I am Known for finding the most critical Vulnerability in eBay Which Allowed the hackers to purchase anything for one rupee.

To know more about the vulnerabilty  go to google and type"eBay one rupee vulnerability"  all the vulnerabilty details  are published.I am listed in the hall of fame in Bitcasa, eBay, Shopify, Eset, Jumplead  and many.

I have been appreciated by more than 20+ companies for reporting vulnerabilities in their system and have been awarded Hall Of Fame and Bounties. Shopify,Uber are one among many companies which  awarded me bounties for reporting a severe vulnerability in their system.I  hold several Zero Day exploits.Currently I am doing vulnerabilty assemsent,Training and Investigations for Government of Tamilandu,Tamilnadu Police(Cyber Wing)

Q. Things which you love and hate in the cyber security industry ?

Ishwar : I love when companies understand the importance of vulnerabilities and take immediate action to fix the vulnerabilty.But there had been occasions where I was threatened with a case on me with IT ACT from several companies.

So,I feel so bad when companies don't understand the importance of Vulnerabilities its risk. 

Q. Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc,  is Information Security your profession or your passion?

Ishwar : An article about me published in Softpedia ~

And I am being awarded with "Vinutna Ratna" award by Akkineni Foundation of America(AFA) for my remarkable achievements in the field of Cyber Security on Dec 14.

Yes Information Security is my passion and I started it when I was in 11 std in 2011 around I was 17 years old.
I don't have someone called as mentor.I would say Google is my mentor and it all came to be by itself.

Q. Can you give us any hints about your topic ?

Ishwar : My talk will revolve around what are bug bunties?How to score bug bounties?How to report to companies etc.Also I would give glimpse on some zero day vulnerabilites I hold in Indian Websites.

Q. In what way Hackers Day 2017 help attendees ?

Ishwar : I strongly believe hackers day is going to be the starting point for very young Chaps who are going to attend the event.I believe hackers day is going to path for many young,growing cyber researchers which Indian is in great need.

Q. What would you like to say about Nitin Pandey for his initiative Hackers Day ?

Ishwar : I would say Nitin Pandey has done a great initiative.I would like to join hands with him to organize several events like hackersday and workshops all over the world.

I feel proud of Nithin Pandey for starting up Hackers day event.I would say he is a Gem among many Cyber researchers which India has got.Once again I would like to take Nithin Pandey for all his efforts for the event.

I assure that all Cyber Reserachers will stand before him,supporting him and making the Hackersday a Grand success.

Q. Any comments or suggestion for The Hacker Samachar ?

Ishwar : First of all,I would like Hacker Samachar for the interview about me.Hacker samachar is  one of the growing news journal for hackers.To tell the truth I persoanlly is a follower of hacker  samachar.
Publishing of Crisp and easy understanable articles for even common man makes hacker samachar unique and popular.Thanks hacker samachar for your wonderful articles and efforts in making people understand hacking.

I wish them to continue this service for years.

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