Monday, 5 December 2016

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It’s hard to believe that the "Hacker's Day Conference" is just around the corner — in only a few days to be exact! The whole team in Lucknow getting ready and seriously, this is going to be a fantastic event.

Now we'll be sharing an exclusive interview with one of our Geek Speaker, speaking at "Hacker's Day Conference". Today, we're featuring "Akash Shukla" .

Q. Please tell us about yourself ?
Akash Shukla : My name is Akash Shukla and I am an IT Security researcher/consultant/trainer/motivational speaker. I am the founder of RMAR and now-a-days working with Government bodies on varius cyber security assignments.

Q. Things which you love and hate in the cyber security industry ?
Akash Shukla : Things what I love about this cyber security domain is that it challenges you at every step and I love challenges :) moreover its booming industry in India. Malaysia is on the top position where Risk department is on the top, so I am looking forward that Indian companies & organizations take this issue seriously & eventually it will be bringing business to India. Lot of opportunities has emerged out of this domain and I guess youth should prepare themselves to get into the bottle. I hate fake so called cyber security experts in our domain. Do not treat them God just Google or attrition them before you make up your mind about them and as far as motivation is concern I get this automatically from my friends that they are doing so much good in bug bounty hunting or recently Atul Shegde did OSCE that is what motivates me. I don't need to look upon some so called hackers who show up on TV that doesn't mean all are fake but most of them.So learn from each other, inspire from each other, we have lot to share :)

Q. Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc,  is Information Security your profession or your passion ?
Akash Shukla : I basically love speaking thus spoken in many national & international conferences. So I have got some momentos in my achievement bucket but I am not presented with any such awards. I am CEH, CISE and the member of technical committee of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. Yes, I have some papers published over Packetstormsecurity and SEBUG. It is my driving force that all I can say :)

Q. Can you give us any hints about your topic ?
Akash Shukla : I am presenting paper over IoT where basically I will be talking about how we can secure our IoT devices with the help of blockchain. Blockchain is something we should talk about. Lot of companies are already working on blockchain seriously and its time for India to create environment for blockchain. Recently even EY Switzerland accepted Bitcoin & installed ATM, I mean this is wonderful. So the founder of Digital Gorkha, Hitesh Mavliya along with others and I are working on blockchain to educate people on it. You can visit our initiative at We will be making some cool announcements very soon about it.

Q. In what way Hackers Day 2017 help attendees ?
Akash Shukla : You know every cyber security conference is a great initiative till they are doing it for making people aware not the agenda of making money out of it. Hackers day, DEF CON, Hakon, Nullcon etc. all are doing a wonderful job to create environment in India about cyber security which is the need of hour. These conferences let normal people know about the importance of cyber security and also motivates Cyber Security Aspirants to meet cool hackers from all over India and abroad.

Q. What would you like to say about Nitin Pandey for his initiative Hackers Day ?
Akash Shukla : He is quite a cool guy. I wish him all the luck that his initiative Hackers Day become successful. It is very difficult to arrange conferences in small cities like Lucknow where major problem is to get sponsors. So I admire him for his efforts that it's third conference back to back he arranged successfully which is comendable.

Q. Any comments or suggestion for The Hacker Samachar ?
Akash Shukla : You guyz are diong the same job as the conferences are doing. The Hacker Samachar is one of the sources among others which I never forget to update myself about latest happenings in Cyber Security. All the very best and keep writing awesoem articles.

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