Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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It’s hard to believe that the "Hacker's Day Conference" is just around the corner — in only a few days to be exact! The whole team in Lucknow getting ready and seriously, this is going to be a fantastic event.

Now we'll be sharing an exclusive interview with one of our Geek Speaker, speaking at "Hacker's Day Conference". Today, we're featuring "Santosh Khadsare" .

Q. Please tell us about yourself ?
Santosh Khadsare : My name is Santosh Khadsare and I am an Information security professional who specializes in Digital Forensics. I have done my B.E (Electronics and Telecommunications)  and posses additional qualifications such as CHFI, CEH, RHCSA, Advance Cyber Forensic Course(CDAC), Cyber Crime Investigator, Access Data Certified Professional. I have 17 years plus of rich experience in field of Information Security, Digital Forensics, Cyber Audit, Cyber Laws and  Incident Response, Been a speaker in various international conferences such as C0C0N 2016, HAKON 2016 National Cyber Defense Summit 2016 and GovInfoSec Summit Asia 2016.Have also authored various articles on information security and Digital Forensics in national and international publications. 

Q. Things which you love and hate in the cyber security industry ?
Santosh Khadsare : There is nothing to love or hate in cyber security industry. As information security professionals we are supposed to know our job well and do it to perfection. We should learn from our mistakes and share wit with others so that someone else dosen’t repeat it. 

Q. Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc,  is Information Security your profession or your passion ?
Santosh Khadsare : If you don’t have passion for it you cannot make it your profession too. So passion and patience are the main ingredients for the information security industry. 

Q. Can you give us any hints about your topic ?
Santosh Khadsare : Cloud forensics is a very important vertical in Digital Forensics. With most of your data residing in the cloud and very less in your gadget, the cyber forensics investigators are having a tough job ahead. With Internet of Things (IoT) coming around the corner,  every forensic investigator should know about cloud forensics .

Q. In what way Hackers Day 2017 help attendees ?
Santosh Khadsare : I am sure that those attending the conference will take home lot of learning. The will be more educated and will contribute in making Indian Cyberspace more secure

Q. What would you like to say about Nitin Pandey for his initiative Hackers Day ?
Santosh Khadsare : I would like to wish Nitin all the best in all his endeavors.  An initiative like this will help towards facilitating  a Digital and Skill India.

Q. Any comments or suggestion for The Hacker Samachar ?
Santosh Khadsare : It would be great if this platform can be given to aspiring candidates who want to make their presence felt in the cyber world in a positive way.