Thursday, 5 January 2017

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53-year old businessman Christophe Bejach who previously served as an official adviser to the French economy and industry minister has managed to evade jail time despite his involvement in child porn was proven through a secret investigation.
To gather evidence about Bejach’s penchant for child porn, the Metropolitan Police’s cyber crime division set up a trap in which the accused was contacted by a mom of three, who actually was an undercover police officer. Both the undercover agent and Bejach chatted and discussed plan about arranging an erotic pornographic photoshoot with her three daughters aged 8, 10 and 12 respectively, reports The Daily Mail.
Bejach told the officer that he wanted to get intimate with her 12-year old daughter and even asked for erotic nudes of the three girls. He also bought underwear for the young girls from Amazon and planned to satisfy his detestable sexual fantasies with little girls and put them on a hardcore porn site. He had no idea that he wasn’t talking to a mom of three but actually an agent from the Met cyber-crime department.
When caught red handed, Bejach was presented in front of a Southwark crown court yesterday where he received nine-month jail time. However, his sentence was suspended for two years after he admitted to arranging a child sex offense commission and also of three counts of collecting lewd pictures of young kids.
He has also been put on a sex offender’s treatment program for 100 days and 20 days of rehab by Judge Joanna Korner QC as well as given Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Additionally, Bejach will be paying $1400 and will be registered to the Sex offender’s list for 10 years.


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