Sunday, 26 February 2017

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Confidential information about Chicago Public Schools students — including medical conditions and dates of birth — was kept on unsecured web documents that anyone could call up despite laws and CPS rules that are supposed to safeguard children’s privacy.
Some of the personal, identifiable information involved requests for certain ongoing nursing services for students that are handled through a private CPS contractor, RCM Health Care Services.
The services included such things as making sure students got doses of medications they regularly take, doing blood-sugar tests on diabetic children and maintaining breathing and feeding tubes.
The shared spreadsheet containing the information was viewable online until recently.
The breach also included special education students’ names, identification numbers and other information that’s supposed to be kept confidential but was viewable in payment records that were posted on CPS’ website. That included the type of special education services being provided, which covered a wide range, including speech therapy.


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