Monday, 27 February 2017

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A man from the Florida state recently admitted his involvement in a hacking attempt into Clinton Foundation. He already has an experience of a long jail stay ever-since authorities found child porn on his PC.

The man, aged 43, and named Timothy Sedlak was arrested on one incident of trying to gain admission into a protected PC in 2015 while trying to make a 'brute force' hacking attack into a charitable organization such as the Clinton Foundation's servers. The legal accusation on Sedlak was described as attempted access of PC-network of certain unnamed charitable organization based in NY. posted this, February 23, 2017.

Actually during trial, prosecutors refrained from declaring the organization's name. However, news agency Reuters managed acquiring U.S. Secret Service's records wherein agents of the Service queried Sedlak regarding short writings found in his possession which referenced to Hillary Clinton, an erstwhile presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, along with Chelsea Clinton her daughter. Sedlak explained the names appeared in his writings as he did a research.

During prosecution Sedlak admitted knowing about his action as wrong. He asserted he played the role of private investigator as also indicated to agents about his ongoing research for determining if charitable organizations were perforce incurring expenditures for radical extremist groups.

On February 3, Reuters downloaded the filing, which was later substituted with one redacted edition without Chelsea and Hillary Clintons' names. There was no comment from representatives of Clinton Foundation.

The probe into the case of Sedlak belonging to Ocoee, Florida was conducted before investigations into online assaults against Democrats at the time of presidential election of 2016. In January, United States intelligence agencies published one assessment making a suggestion of Vladimir Putin President of Russia ordering cyber-assaults as assistance towards increasing the electoral chances of Donald Trump of Republican Party via discrediting Clinton.

Sedlak will be sentenced on June 6 inside NY court. Based on his plea agreement, Office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney said that Sedlak should serve 6-24 months inside federal jail because of his single hacking incident. As Sedlak's plea deal is not binding, he continues to get a maximum 5-yr imprisonment.


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