Monday, 13 February 2017

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REMEMBER THAT BOX FRESH NES Classic warranty that you tore up. Well good news, it is the destructive gift that keeps on giving. Now the little grey box can be manipulated into playing bloody Sega Genesis and Nintendo Gameboy games.

This is mind blowing stuff. It means that you could play Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World in the same afternoon without changing any scart leads or coaxial aerials, and without switching controllers. 2017 is really proving to be the most exciting time to be alive.

Much of this joy comes from the Nintendo console that was launched to play 30 games, but came with software that could be cracked like cheap plastering on a wall. The NES Classic has taken the hack challenge on the chin it even has some hidden code for tinkerers, and hackers have hacked the heck out of it.

Now someone has tinkered with the NES Classic so that it can run RetroArch which is a cross platform thing that has done exactly what you might already be thinking that it has done.

Yah. It has added more cross-platform support to the console, and yeah, these include Sega Genesis, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. In short, your gaming cup runneth over, but your taking back to the shop cup has fallen over.

You can watch a 12-minute video of someone indulging themselves in this online, or you can go over to Reddit and read up on how to go about installing RetroArch yourself. Watching it online is a bit like when you were young and your friend has a NES but would hardly ever let you have a go.
Comments on both Youtube and Reddit are nothing if not complimentary, although there are a few incidents of people who probably wish that they had stuck with the 30 games that Nintendo provided them with in the first place.

However, a lot of punters will be more than happy that they tore the thing to pieces and stuffed it with hundreds of glorious retro titles. µ


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