Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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The website of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) was temporarily suspended after a suspected hacking attempt yesterday morning.

The attempt was made from outside the organisation - and the NTMA took action as soon as it was detected.

The hack took place just hours after the NTMA announced plans to borrow up to €1.25bn on the markets this Thursday. It's not clear what the motive behind the attack was.

 The public website is not directly connected to the NTMA's operating website and it's understood there was no risk to the billions managed by the agency.

According to the NTMA, this suspension had no impact on the agency's IT systems or operations.
"The website is hosted offsite with no connection to the NTMA's IT systems or operations. This (suspending the service) was a precautionary measure after the agency detected an unauthorised attempt to publish content on its website from a remote source," a spokesperson said.

The NTMA's main role is managing Ireland's national debt of about €200bn and it acts as an umbrella for a number of State agencies.


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