Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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The Lee County Elections website was hacked again and this time with an anti-ISIS message. Now officials are trying to determine who did it and how.
NBC2 exclusively talked with county leaders who met with a cyber security team working to fix the problem that happened over the weekend.
Cyber security experts called this an attack. It turns out the county recently updated its software, much like we get updates for phones. That update contained a vulnerability, and it allowed hackers to gain access to the county’s website.
“One of my campaign platforms was more security,” said Election Supervisor Tommy Doyle, who didn’t expect an attack to happen on his watch. “We’re probably going to look for more security.”
That started today when I.T. officials sat down with Cybersecurity of Fort Myers.
Doyle stressed the voter registration database is safe.
“The website is not connected to the information that we have on voter registration because that is a completely separate site,” Doyle noted.
It's the county’s website that was left vulnerable.
Over the weekend an anti-ISIS message with vulgar language was placed on their home page.
“We noticed it first thing on Monday morning when we got in the office,” said system administrator Todd Putnam.
Putnam said the county recently updated its software and he explained that update was vulnerable.
“The attack was not specifically toward the Lee County Supervisor of Elections,” Putnam added, explaining that the virus knocked on the door of every website to see who was running a vulnerable version of Wordpress.
If they didn't have it, the virus couldn't get in. Those who did -- the virus made its way in and uploaded the anti-ISIS message.
Greg Scasny runs Cybersecurity Defense Solutions in Fort Myers and called the attack a crime of opportunity. He points out that the county wasn't the only victim since “60,000 web pages were hacked with this particular vulnerability.”
Scasny said it's going to be impossible to know who was responsible for the attack.
The security experts report the election website is safe -- for now.
Doyle said he's looking at additional security to make sure attacks like this one don't happen again.


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