Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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A serious security threat made against President Trump has been revealed, with CBS News reporting hackers seized control of most of the security cameras in Washington DC, just ahead of the inauguration.
It seems they were part of an international plot and they demanded a ransom.
The hackers breached traffic and security cameras only eight days before Mr Trump's inauguration - managing to take over 70 percent of them.
The malware that was used to take over the cameras and serves is believed to be ransomware, which is used to extort money.
The cameras were forced to be taken offline for 48 hours.
The Secret Service - which is leading the investigation - is refusing to say what the hackers' demands were, but say no ransom money was exchanged.
Police in Britain arrested a man and a woman the day before the inauguration in relation to the attack.
Investigators have now expanded their inquiry to other countries, and haven't ruled out state actors were involved.


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