Monday, 27 March 2017

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Since hacked photos and videos of Paige were leaked to the internet last weekend, several other current and former WWE Superstars have been rumored to be the next victims of the attack. While many of the names have proved to be nothing more than rumor, WWE Hall Of Famer, Sunny, revealed that she received an anonymous text from someone and that included a topless photo of a popular WWE Superstar.
Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, did not confirm the identity of this star, but did mention that she was not referring to Paige. She wrote the following on her Facebook page:
"Very upset right now. I just got a text message from a random number (area code is PA) and they sent me a picture of a very popular WWE diva topless in a very provocative pose. I know for a fact that she has never done any nude photo shoots. This was a private photo. I texted her and she said her iCloud was hacked. This is so fucked up that someone would do this to her. She is an amazing person and someone I’m proud to call my friend. Whoever did this…. You are such a fucktard. People deserve their privacy. Just because we are celebrities does not give any of you the right to invade our personal lives!!!!"
Sytch's response makes her one of several former WWE stars to come out in support of Paige. For those pointing out the apparent irony of Tammy Sytch ... who has appeared in adult films ... posting this message, let me stop you right there.
There is a vast difference between someone giving consent for their videos to be viewed by the general public and someone having them stolen. Paige and these other WWE stars gave no such consent for their images or videos to be shared or viewed by anyone other than the people they were intended for.
Just because Sytch was involved in a NFSW film doesn't make her unqualified to point out a crime.
As for Paige, we have heard nothing from the former WWE Divas Champion since confirming that the video and photos had been posted without her consent. Late last week, Alberto Del Rio made his first statements since the photos were released when he cancelled an upcoming WrestleCon appearance. Paige's father also gave a heartbreaking update on his concern for his daughter's health. 
The WWE has only made a nod to the incident and it is unlikely they will add any further comment. 


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