Saturday, 25 March 2017

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Hackers behind a criminal attack planned against iCloud and iPhone users say they are still preparing to breach the accounts of up to 750 million users.

That's despite assurances from Apple to customers that their servers are safe.

The London-based group - who identify themselves as the 'Turkish Crime Family' - has also upped its ransom demands from $75,000 (£60,000) to $700,000 (£560,000).

Turkish Crime Family (TCF) says it has verified at least 200 million users will be affected by the attack.
But it claims many more are likely to be caught up in cyber operation, which is planned for April 7.
TCF also claims that a former member of the group incorrectly demanded a total of $75,000 for the heist from Apple.

Each of the seven remaining members now want $100,000 - almost ten times the figure originally reported.

A spokesman for TCFA said in a statement  posted on the website Pastebin: 'Apple has now announced that they were not breached, which no one claimed they were.

'They announced this for their user's comfort and to make them feel better.

'Out of the 750 million (accounts), we have 250 million that are checked and working live, there is still a big amount that we're still scanning.

'We are still strengthening our infrastructure and acquiring more servers for the attack.' 
While the group's ability to access some accounts has been established, how far this extends is still a mystery.

But some experts believe that the group is an amateur operation which is out of its depth.
Technology experts at ZDNet contacted a number of users whose passwords and account details were provided to them by TCF.


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