Saturday, 25 March 2017

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Channapatna MLA C P Yogeshwar has filed a cyber crime complaint with the Banashankari police stating that somebody had stolen Rs 1.95 lakh from his bank account in State Bank of India’s JC Road branch.

DCP (south) Sharanappa said on Friday, “The money has been moved in a single transaction to another account. As the case in under investigation, we cannot share much details.”

Yogeshwar filed the complaint on Tuesday with the Banashankari police. Police sources said, “Prima facie, it seems that Yogeshwar’s debit card details have been procured through skimming. The transactions are made out of Karnataka. We have asked the cyber crime police for assistance.”

What is skimming?
Skimming is illegally extracting details of a debit card by using a device. Generally, fraudsters extract card details at point-of-sale machines (especially in restaurants, bars and petrol stations) as well as at ATMs.

An employee, who has compromised with fraudsters can swipe your card in an unauthorised device that records the data contained on the magnetic strip of the card.

Alternatively, the skimming device could be fitted around the card entry slot of an ATM. Your card’s data is copied without your knowledge when you insert it into the machine.

A tiny camera is placed above the PIN pad, so that your PIN is also recorded for use in a fraudulent transaction. Skimmed data is often sold  to criminal organisations who then manufacture clone the credit/debit cards.


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