Thursday, 9 March 2017

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The number of hacking cases is increasing day by day. Some days before Danush sister twitter account was hacked and on account private pictures were posted by the hacker. Recently, A Malayalam Actress Madonna Sebastian has reported a cyber crime that hacker logged into her Facebook account. Though nothing controversial was posted on her page. Before, this a victim of cyber crime was Trisha, Suchitra Karthik and Vimala.

Modonna informed her fans that her social media account was hacked and to ignore any post or any friends requests that would be sent. she also states , that she had regained control of her Facebook account. She posted on on social media, “Hello there.. looks like my page is hacked. So please ignore the posts till I confirm otherwise. Thank you. P.S. the twitter posts that appear on my behalf are also not mine.”


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