Tuesday, 21 March 2017

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Phoenix technology news according to Bloomberg News reported on March 21st Beijing time, Baidu revealed today, there was a gang of "hired the hacker Gang" trying to steal the unmanned vehicle technology company, prompted the company to expand the network security team.
Baidu network security director Ma Jie said, it is not clear behind the hacker Gang refers to the messenger. "It's hard to know who hired them to do it, but we know that someone is trying to hire someone else on the black market to steal our technology," said Ma Jie, without giving further details.
Baidu network security team is constantly working to test new products to resist attacks against the company's system launched. Ma Jie said that Baidu is "support blue lotus" team, which is composed of students from the Tsinghua University "white hat hacker team." If we can help students find the right way, it means that there will be fewer enemies in the future, "he said.
Baidu also with rival Tencent holdings, Alibaba group, to solve the common network security threats. "The black market is getting bigger and stronger, so we have to help each other against the black market," says Mr Ma. "We are not enemies."


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