Saturday, 15 April 2017

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India uses electronic voting machines for their elections, such as the upcoming MCD civic pollsIn an exclusive interview with India Today, Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) founder Arvind Kejriwal on Friday claimed there are ten ways to hack Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). 

'I do not know how to tamper an EVM but there are ten ways to do it,' Kejriwal, who did a BTech in mechanical engineering at IIT Kharagpur, said. 

He went on to describe one of the ways to hack the EVMs, which the Election Commission says are foolproof.

The poll watchdog has even come out with an open challenge for anybody to hack it in the first week of May. 

Kejriwal said when the EVM chip is being made, the manufacturer can add some code, virus, bug or a Trojan horse. 

According to him, in an RTI reply the government had earlier said they don't know how to decode it. 

He questioned that in that case how do we know that the EVM is not hacked. 

'Our EVM fight will continue even if we win MCD polls,' Kejriwal said adding they are even ready for a paper ballot. 

To support his case the AAP leader goes on to cite cases of countries like USA, Japan and many European nations which have stayed away from EVMs. 

He said even the technologically-advanced USA had withdrew EVMs after they found that it could be tampered with. 

'Japan uses paper ballot,' he said and compared it with what happened in Bhind and Dholpur where there were reports of EVMs favouring the BJP. 


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