Monday, 1 May 2017

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Only one day after a webpage of telecommunications company Telkomsel was defaced by a hacker on Friday, cellular operator Indosat has suffered a similar attack.
Customers attempting to log onto Indosat’s subdomain site,, were greeted with a homepage emblazoned with an animated picture and a cynical message, the result of a hack on the telecommunications company.  
Using casual, funny-style letters, the hacker expressed his or her annoyance with the operator, which was suspected to have teased Telkomsel after the latter’s website was hacked on Friday.
In his or her message, the hacker called on all providers not to make allusions to each other: “Surprised? Can you feel it now what becoming a hacking victim will look like?” reported.
The hacker said all telecommunications companies should stay calm and stop teasing each other. “Providers must support each other,” the message said.
The hacking apparently referred to a message written on IM3 Ooredoo’s official Twitter account, @IM3OoredooJBTK, a few hours after the Telkomsel’s website was hacked.
“What is the noise all about? Paying an expensive internet quota? IM3 Ooredoo gives a lot of quota at a low price. It has been proven!” it tweeted. This tweet had been deleted from the timeline, however.
The hacker left a signature, which read IndoXploit - Sanjungan Jiwa -J1oVal, at the bottom of the message.
As of Saturday afternoon, Indosat Arena’s website could not yet be accessed. On whether the people who hacked Telkomsel’s and Indosat Arena’s websites were the same remains unknown.


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