Thursday, 11 May 2017

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CUSTOMERS have been warned their credit card details may have been stolen after two flower delivery sites were hacked over Mother’s Day.
Appleyard Flowers and Blossoming Gifts fell victim to hackers between February 24 and April 11 this year.
Personal details including credit card information, addresses and passwords have been breached.
Both sites are operated by Ecomnova, a third-party supplier that also works for Debenhams Flowers.
It comes one week after 26,000 Debenhams Flowers customers were warned they may have had their personal details stolen.


Third party operator Ecomnova sent a warning email out to customers

The breach is thought to have been malware-based and targeted the online florist to access customer payment details, names and addresses.
The latest concern is thought to be an extension of the same attack.
Customers who bought flowers from any of the suppliers within the affected timeframe have been warned to check their bank statements and change passwords.This includes customers who ordered flowers or gifts for Mother’s Day, which fell on March 25 this year.
In an email to customers, Ecomnova said: “We are writing to you as a precaution following confirmation that we have experienced a cyber attack and that your data may have been accessed and stolen during this period.”


If you have not received an email from Appleyard flowers or Blossoming Gifts to say you have been affected by the breach then you should contact your credit or debit card firm to inform them.

They may cancel your card and send you out a new one as a preventative measure.

You should also request a copy of your credit file to check for any suspicious applications.

You can get a statutory report from Experian, Call Credit or Equifax for £2 or sign up to a free 30 day trial. Remember to cancel at the end of the introductory period or you’ll end up paying more.You can check if your email has been compromised in this hack or another one using the website.

Enter your email and it will tell you if your account has been compromised as part of a data breach.

The company has “notified the relevant authorities including the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), investigated and fixed the breach to stop further successful attacks and notified the card agencies, who will be monitoring the affected cards”.
Visa, Mastercard and American Express customers have been affected.
Debenhams said after the breach was announced last week: “All affected customers have been contacted by Debenhams to inform them of the incident.
“We are working with Ecomnova to ask the banks of those affected to block payment cards of those customers affected and issue customers with new cards.”
Appleyard Flowers, Blossoming Gifts and Ecomnova have been contacted for comment.


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