Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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As seen on DarkNetMarket, submitted  by Cipher0007:

hi to all i like to warning all users to stay away from this market and from any new market, this market has been hacked a few minutes ago.
this is info of panel admin :
user_name user_pass
admin $2y$10$3lvQG2epkFI6DZbzvOUQlO/kcKLAfHCZUDKdt3k/Z59gQnzVINOZi admin2 $2y$10$DEHjWfIBMUGFOj8CQkTZ0.toG/nurhi9IumPAbbtBaBmoCbqFL8va
this is info of access to database remotely by using (/phpmyadmin)
Host User Password
pma *67E8480887AD78875162CCB6927B0AAC08409A20
root *67E8480887AD78875162CCB6927B0AAC08409A20
if moderators need proof i can send to him url of exploit sqli.


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