Tuesday, 13 June 2017

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Ashley Tisdale was hacked on Twitter early Tuesday. See a screengrab of the tweets below.
At 6:10 a.m. Eastern Time, a tweet appeared on Tisdale’s feed stating, “Your Security has Been breached by @RyanisGodly #DramaAlert.” The next message said, “for Security tips please follow @RyanisGodly.” That was followed by, “Welp im off of this for now remember Security is #1.”
“Will follow a few who follow @RyanisGodly rt when done,” continued the hacker, who said in a final tweet, “followed some of you pce, ill let ash have her sh*t back.” The account @RyanisGodly currently has more than 300 followers, but it appears the page was only started earlier this month. Among two dozen tweets, the user said, “0_0 your security has been breached by @ashleytisdale.”
“Ryan” went on, “i probably will end up getting suspended on here… any questions feel free to hmu spied@protonmail.com.” The person further said, “i will come out with a full tut about account security soon.” The illegitimate tweets still appear on Tisdale’s feed, as she appears to be unaware of the breach, although Gossip Cop alerted a spokesperson. Her last authentic tweet was on Sunday, in celebrate of Pride.
In addition to Tisdale, another former Disney star was also apparently hacked. Although the messages no long appear on her feed, Hilary Duff tweeted at 12:12 a.m., “Obviously my twitter has been hacked. Please disregard all tweets. Silly that this happens :(.” Screengrabs indicate those unsanctioned posts also came from @RyanisGodly.
As Gossip Cop reported, a spate of celebrities were victimized with similar hacking incidents around this time last year. Cheslea Handler’s Twitter was hacked, along with accounts belonging to Drake, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and even the NFL, among others. See a screengrab of the hack tweets from Tisdale’s page below.


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