Friday, 30 June 2017

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Early on Thursday, a full nude photo of a porn star popped up on Irsay’s Twitter feed. According to Deadspin, the photo was of adult film actress Anette Dawn:
The photo that appeared on Irsay’s Twitter is a cropped image from a photo shoot featuring the porn star sitting nude in what might seems to be a limousine.
The tweet was deleted about an hour after it was released.
After the deletion, a blank tweet addressed to multiple local Indianapolis reporters, news stations and the Indiana Pacers was sent out.
Following the deletion, Irsay also issued followers a warning. “I’ve been hacked! Be careful out there,” the tweet read.
The Colts owner, who bought the team in 1997, has not released any further statement on the pornographic photo.
Since Irsay has owned the team, the Colts have reached the Super Bowl twice and have reached the playoffs every year between 2002 and 2010, missing only one year since 1999.


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