Monday, 26 June 2017

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It is a huge privilege to be granted an interview with Falgun Rathod, a "Information Security Professional" whose contributions are acknowledged by government and private sectors. 

So now without wasting the time, lets start interview with him and find out more !

Which are the most concerning Cyber- threats for Private business and Government organization ?

Falgun : APT as well as 0 days’ attacks are always been concerned for corporate and government organization.

If you neglecting security and taking it on granted remember data is everything may be more than money sometimes which can give you sleepless night.

Which are the industries most exposed to Cyber-attacks and why ?

Falgun : Nothing is secured from cyber-attacks. Everyone now a days carry data and money with them in pockets in mobile, tablets or laptops. Talking about impact finance, hospitals, IT, service industries are most impacted while cyber-attacks.

As a Cyber-security professor, what concepts are you teaching students that are new for even you, a veteran of the industry?

Falgun : Being a cyber-security professor, I always think information security as a practicing field. There are nearly few concepts in which I am interested to teach students like critical infrastructure security, IUTC purity and so on.

How has Cyber-security changed since you entered it? Where do you see it going in upcoming years?

Falgun : When I entered into the industry it was late 2009. No one was aware about the industry nor Media was talking about it. Only fee experienced people were used to it. But later as years passed now it has become the necessity and need. People are now getting aware and trained, it is booming industry. There are millions of jobs in this industry and costing trillion dollars’ industry in upcoming years.

Malware and Internet of things, what to expect in the next coming years?

Falgun : APT going to be new Cyber Weapon in upcoming years. We have recently seen wannacry, mirae and few other attacks. But obvious IOT and AI being the next step of IT industry which will evolve and with evolution security will also be tougher.

Which are the government most active in Cyber-space?

Falgun : Most of European Countries, US, Australia, China, Korea and now South Africa and India is becoming a part of the race which will have impeccable journey towards securing the cyber space and netizens.

In your opinion, is it an ideal time to go inti IT or to become an IT specialist? If so, why?

Falgun :  Every time is right time if you are willing to join any industry. I am not getting diplomatic but it’s my personal opinion. If you are dedicated and focused no one can stop, you to be a master of gem. I will specially suggest that go for something you are passionate about. IT Security is always look for skilled candidates.

What qualities or skills do you think are necessary for pursuing a career in IT and Cyber-security?

Falgun : As said, a candidate should be skilled, focused and dedicated towards the goal which makes him successful in any industry while same goes for Cyber security. Those who want to jump into the industry should more plan and research where exactly they are good at. My students range from age 15 to 70 from preschool students to retired from schools, corporates and governments. Few has become VP of the companies, few are working in very well-known Security companies and few are freelancer researchers earning millions seating at home. A best security person is the one who is pace learner, dedicated and focused.