Friday, 9 June 2017

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Recently, Google released a most stable version of Chrome with patches for 30 vulnerabilities, including five high severity issues.

For the vulnerabilities, the company paid total amount of  $23,500 to external researchers. This includes a type confusion vulnerability in V8, the open source JavaScript engine Google uses for the browser.

Zhao Qixun, a researcher with Qihoo 360’s Vulcan Team, found out the vulnerabilities in just three weeks.

From the last September Google has fixed almost dozens of vulnerability, which includes the latest three in Chrome 59 update, three in April’s Chrome 58 update, two in Chrome 57 in March, and two in Chrome 56 in January.

Here are the list of the high, medium, and low-severity bugs in Chrome that earned bounties:
[$7500] [722756] High CVE-2017-5070: Type confusion in V8. Reported by Zhao
Qixun(@S0rryMybad) of Qihoo 360 Vulcan Team on 2017-05-16

[$3000] [715582] High CVE-2017-5071: Out of bounds read in V8. Reported by Choongwoo Han on 2017-04-26

[$3000] [709417] High CVE-2017-5072: Address spoofing in Omnibox. Reported by Rayyan Bijoora on 2017-04-07

[$2000] [716474] High CVE-2017-5073: Use after free in print preview. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2017-04-28

[$1000] [700040] High CVE-2017-5074: Use after free in Apps Bluetooth. Reported by anonymous on 2017-03-09

[$2000] [678776] Medium CVE-2017-5075: Information leak in CSP reporting. Reported by Emmanuel Gil Peyrot on 2017-01-05

[$1000] [722639] Medium CVE-2017-5086: Address spoofing in Omnibox. Reported by Rayyan Bijoora on 2017-05-16

[$1000] [719199] Medium CVE-2017-5076: Address spoofing in Omnibox. Reported by Samuel Erb on 2017-05-06

[$1000] [716311] Medium CVE-2017-5077: Heap buffer overflow in Skia. Reported by Sweetchip on 2017-04-28

[$1000] [711020] Medium CVE-2017-5078: Possible command injection in mailto handling. Reported by Jose Carlos Exposito Bueno on 2017-04-12

[$500] [713686] Medium CVE-2017-5079: UI spoofing in Blink. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2017-04-20

[$500] [708819] Medium CVE-2017-5080: Use after free in credit card autofill. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2017-04-05

[$N/A] [672008] Medium CVE-2017-5081: Extension verification bypass. Reported by Andrey Kovalev (@L1kvID) Yandex Security Team on 2016-12-07

[$N/A] [721579] Low CVE-2017-5082: Insufficient hardening in credit card editor. Reported by Nightwatch Cybersecurity Research on 2017-05-11

[$N/A] [714849] Low CVE-2017-5083: UI spoofing in Blink. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2017-04-24

[$N/A] [692378] Low CVE-2017-5085: Inappropriate javascript execution on WebUI pages. Reported by Zhiyang Zeng of Tencent security platform department on 2017-02-15

A member of Mozila’s Security Team pointed out the vulnerability in May 2015 for the first time. And it took almost two years to release a patch forthe issue.


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