Thursday, 15 June 2017

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Console hacking is a pretty common activity, but it’s not the wisest choice on systems that are still being heavily supported. Nintendo has taken strong note of folks who have loaded their 3DS systems with custom firmware by means of hacking, and as a result, these systems are being banned from accessing Nintendo’s official online servers.
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As you can see by the image above, Nintendo officially recognizes hacked systems and this error message appears when trying to access servers by means of applications like Miiverse, checking your Friends List, and accessing online multiplayer games.
Various users have reported running into this error message. Apparently, it doesn’t affect access to the eShop, but online services are still gimped. The bans are being distributed in all regions, so no hacked system is totally immune to being hit.
Here’s Nintendo’s official description of the error code:
<li>You receive the error code <em class=”rn_Highlight”>002</em>-<em class=”rn_Highlight”>0102</em> when attempting to connect online with a game or while using the Friend service.</li>
<li>Error message, “Can’t access the online service.”</li>
<blockquote><em>If you are experiencing this error code, your Nintendo 3DS family system has been banned due to unauthorized system modifications, play of unauthorized versions of one or more games, and/or connecting to the official game servers in violation of our terms of service. <strong>This ban is effective immediately and requests to remove the ban will not be processed</strong>.</em></blockquote>
So why is Nintendo coming down so hard on hackers? Well, while hacking your 3DS unlocks neat features like playing games from any region, customizing the HOME menu, emulator support, streaming gameplay to PC, and more, Nintendo’s primary cause for concern is piracy. Custom firmware allows users to download and play pirated copies of games, which no company actually likes.
Hacked devices have always been at risk. Companies don’t like the thought of users having unrestricted access to products, especially when they’re still major players on the market. Due to the 3DS’ continuous popularity, it’s going to take a while before Nintendo shifts its attention away. With that in mind, don’t hack your 3DS/2DS if you haven’t already.
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