Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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Ukraine was just hit by a sweeping cyberattack that paralyzed operations in major government agencies, including the country’s national bank, state power company, and largest airport.
Government officials have been locked out of their computers, ATMs across the country aren’t working and travelers in the Kiev airport have no idea how to access the departure schedule because, as Kiev Airport’s acting director Pavel Ryabikin explained on Facebook: “The official site of the airport and the scoreboard with the schedule of flights aren't working!”
Amid the chaos of what appears to be the worst cyberattack in its history, the Ukrainian government is trying to assuage public fears by way of a GIF — and a brilliant one at that:
Ah, the “This is fine” dog — a classic. The meme, which was originally derived from a web-comic illustrator K.C. Green, represents an attitude that is “halfway between a shrug and complete denial of reality,” wrote the New York Times. It features a wide-eyed dog sitting calmly in a room ablaze with fire. As the dog takes a sip from a coffee mug, the words, “This is fine” flash across the screen.
We already knew that the Ukrainian government had an unabashed love for GIFs (remember the Simpsons GIF they used in an actual Twitter fight with Russia?), but it’s still striking that their first official statement to something as serious as widespread hacks has come in the form of a dog with a cowboy hat.


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