Wednesday, 26 July 2017

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Spend a penny can go to the four-star hotel consumption day; spend a dollar can be in a chain bar recharge 100 yuan, spend a dollar can buy online worth two thousand dollars of the TV ... ... Recently, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau East Lake Branch Network An brigade cracked with hackers to invade the computer system, the suspects use a software to store the background data to modify their own "spend money to do big things." 25, in the East Lake District Public Security Bureau interrogation room, the reporter saw the tall and thin Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym), can not imagine all kinds of incredible things, actually from the 15-year-old boy's hand.

July 7, Nanchang East Lake network police received a German bar chain report, said the billing system was illegal invasion, stolen turnover of 3 million yuan, received a report, the police immediately launched an investigation, found Who lives in Nanchang county town of small strong suspected of the case.

In the interrogation room, Xiaoqiang accepted the reporter interview. He told reporters that he was about 12 years old to contact the computer and gradually addicted. The original good academic performance, and later did not mind the basic study, parents simply sent him to a professional computer school to learn. Do not want Xiaoqiang only learn a month to give up, because "the teacher to teach things I understand."

After leaving the computer school, the small strong Internet every day to study the computer. An accidental opportunity, Xiaoqiang in browsing the web, found that friends message, as long as the use of a software, will be able to "spend a little money to do big things."

Holding curiosity, Xiaoqiang downloaded the software. Originally, this software can record and check all computer and Internet communication data, as long as there is technology, these data can be modified.
Xiaoqiang said he was the first time in the summer vacation. He was holding fun, try the mentality, in a WeChat public number to buy a few more than ten dollars worth of small toys, the use of the software to modify the background data, paid a dollar to buy a success. Talking about the feelings of the first committing the crime, Xiaoqiang said: "At that time feel very proud, quite a sense of accomplishment.
In this way, Xiaoqiang use the first shopping and then modify the background data method, became "online shopping up to people." Xiaoqiang told reporters that he had been found by the shop staff, the other also called him, said to immediately catch him, can Xiaoqiang think online trading separated so far, the other should not be so serious, they did not mind The

For friends spending frequent net purchase of the amount involved in the amount of over 3 million

Holding the chances, Xiaoqiang himself do not remember how many things back to do this, and gradually spread from the line to the line.

In June this year, Xiaoqiang see in the WeChat, a bar of WeChat public number can be directly cash recharge. Holding a try mentality, small strong with the software to modify the background data began to recharge, only spent 5 yuan will be charged 500 yuan. "Recharge the success of" small strong day called a few friends together in the bar for consumption.

Reporter was informed that Xiaoqiang monthly living expenses of about 1,000 yuan, with the "technology", he soon gathered a group of friends, in order to eat and drink for them, he has a period of time to operate the software frequently, Recharge, the basic consumption of each in about 500 yuan. July 7, Xiaoqiang "trick trick," with a penny made a four-star hotel in Nanchang, a room, the results of the incident, was arrested by the public security organs. At this point, Xiaoqiang involved in the amount of accumulated more than 3 million yuan.

25 morning, Xiaoqiang was the public security organs in accordance with the law of administrative detention, but because of its 18 years old, temporarily not implemented.


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