Friday, 14 July 2017

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The Jharkhand State Human Rights Commission website was found to be hacked on Friday with anti-government messages apparently appearing on its pages. The webpage was shut down on Thursday evening, reported. The commission has been running without a chairperson since January 2016 when Justice Narayan Roy retired.
The webpage earlier popped up a message targeted at the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemning the attacks on the minorities and “beef-eaters”, the English newspaper reported. Various messages on the website apparently claimed the breach was conducted by three different ids – Mr H1DD3N, vizt3r:p, and SID GIFARI.
“Sorry for my actions. This is just a lesson for you to make your website more secure. Fix the gap immediately,” the message read.
Cyber experts told The Telegraph that the breach happened sometime around July 4, however, no one in commission had noticed it until today.
In April, the personal information of several lakhs of Aadhaar card holders were displayed on a Jharkhand state government website following a breach.


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