Thursday, 6 July 2017

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At this point, all social mediums need to adopt a two, three, or even four-factor authentication for celebrity accounts after the epidemic of hackers breaking into them.
And after the latest Instagram and Twitter hijacking into Bronx femcee Cardi B’s accounts to stir up some controversy with a fellow New York raptress, Nicki Minaj, we’ll be needing those security updates ASAP.
Seizing her Instagram first, the hacker posted screen shots of obscure Instagram accounts. The hacker then went to her Twitter to call out Nicki with some vicious shots thrown at the Queens-bred rapper.
“Hi @NickiMinaj, You ain’t sh** compared to me,” the hacker tweeted. “Pull up lil n**ga.”
The hacker then targeted Nicki’s Young Money co-rap stars Lil Wayne and Drake, with some racy slander.
“I never f**ked Wayne but I f**ked @Drake, Aye, LOL,” the following tweet read.
Thankfully, the security issue was resolved and the hacker was stopped before things got too messy. But if you know Cardi B, you also know she wasn’t going to let the hack slide by without sending a few hilarious words to the culprit from her own mouth.
“Whoever hacked my Instagram and my Twitter suck my d**k you nerdy, geeky virgin B**ch,” she said in a glam-worthy video.
It’s all good, Cardi. We know a hacker when we see one.
See the tweets for yourself and Ms. Bodak Yellow’s message to the perp below. 


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