Monday, 24 July 2017

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Victoria Justice was hacked on Twitter on Sunday. See screengrabs of some of the tweets below.
At around 9:30 p.m. EST, a tweet appeared on Justice’s feed that out of nowhere used a F-bomb followed by the N-word. In the ensuing two dozen or so tweets, other offensive messages coming from Justice’s account used homophobic slurs and promised to post nude photos of the actress. Additionally, there were tweets about her performing oral sex.
It seems part of the hacking came from an account with the handle @headassgang. About one hour after the hack began, Twitter suspended @headassgang. It’s unclear why Justice was targeted or what the hacker attempted to achieve through her account. When one fan tweeted in Spanish at Justice that her account was broken into, the hacker responded, “no I’m not hacked wtf bitch headassgang on ur head.” In addition to @assheadgang being suspended, a few other related accounts, including @never, @natho000, and @hil, were also shut down for seemingly being involved and asking her fans to follow them as well.
Justice was among the many female stars who were hacked in 2014 and had alleged nude photos leaked online. At the time, the Disney star shared a message of Twitter that read, in part, “There have always been fake photos of me on the internet, but I will not be put in the position to defend myself as to what is real or what is fake.” She added, “I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights.” Just a year before that, several revealing bathing suit pictures of Justice were also hacked and leaked.
In just the past year alone, a slew of other stars have had their accounts compromised, including Sarah Silverman. Just a month ago, Ashley Tisdale was hacked on Twitter, as was Scott Disick. So far, Justice has not commented on the hacking. See screengrabs below of the hacked tweets from Justice’s page below. Warning: The language and subject matter is extremely offensive.


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