Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Over the last two weeks, Bitcoin has steadily strengthened. At the end of last week, it traded at a record $ 4500 (CZK 99,809), but on Monday from Tuesday, its value declined significantly - at $ 3977, or $ 88,200.

Analysts are expecting the development of the course in the coming days. So whether the value of virtual coins will continue to fall or rise again.

There will be 21 million coins in circulation

The virtual currency of bitcoin originated in 2009, but more popularity has been seen in recent years. It was created so that it could not be influenced by any government or central bank.
Cybernetic coins "shuffle" a network of computers with specialized software programmed to release new coins with a steady but still declining pace. The number of coins in circulation is about 21 million, about 2140.
The European Banking Authority has even warned consumers that unregulated virtual currencies pose a great risk. Their deposits are not protected and the course often fluctuates.


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