Wednesday, 30 August 2017

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Apple’s Siri connectivity to smart home devices is getting a real boost with Elgato’s latest collection of devices. Included in the mix is Eve Thermo, Eve Lock, Eve Window Guard, Eve Smoke, and Eve Aqua. The only one of these coming to the United States as of now is the the Eve Aqua, a device that allows you to control your hose’s release of water. 

With the Eve Aqua, Elgato will allow users to control the spigot from the source. Users will be able to ask Siri to turn on the Eve Aqua to release water into a hose – which in turn could be used to blast water to a yard with sprinklers. Users working with the Eve app can track Eve Aqua activity, this in turn allowing the user to “better cater” to their garden’s needs.

Also included in the new Eve collection is an Eve Thermo device. The Eve Thermo connects to a radiator for smart device control with Bluetooth. This device has capacitive touch control, bridgeless architecture, and a fun lil’ temperature display.

There’s also an Eve Lock for doors, an Eve Smoke for detecting fires, and Eve Window Guard to watch out for break-ins. This set adds to Elgato’s already burgeoning collection of smart home devices. Have a peek at the timeline below to see other recent bits.

The Eve Smoke was made in partnership with Hager, and gives users a self-testing unit with status display for iPhones. The Eve Window Guard was made with Eimsig and gives users notifications when the window is open. Eve Lock was made in partnership with Yale and brings voice control to door locks.

The whole collection should be coming soon, but again, only the Eve Aqua is coming to the United States. And only the Eve Thermo has been given a shipping date – September 26th.


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