Friday, 11 August 2017

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The Hacker we're including today is a strikingly magnanimous White Hat Hacker and a recognized Bug Bounty Hunter from Kerela. He was perceived various times by Sony, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and other understood sites.

Meet Sreedeep Ck Alavil, Founder and CEO of the Indian Cyber Security Force.

Introduce yourself.

Sreedeep : Hi My Name Sreedeep Ck Alavil An Independent Web Security Researcher, also working Kerala Police Cyber Dome Volunteers Commander, I'm living kerala(Kannur).

How did you get into Information security field?

Sreedeep : 2007 I'm in social media so I read lots of articles , youtube videos etc 2015 I started bug hunting , 2017 I take CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) to learn lots of things and tried Hackerone, Bugcrowd  Vulnerability Reward Program also I got Google, Microsoft , Oracle, Dell, Sony , Kaspersky, ESET, AT&T 30+ Hall Of Fame, Acknowledgement Certificate , Bounty. 

When did you start Bug hunting? 

Sreedeep : I start it via Bugcrowd , Hackerone ... I learned some public disclose Vulnerability , some Youtube POC. 

What is your first finding , how did you feel at that time? 

Sreedeep : My First finding Microsoft its a surprise for me I found xss bug on Microsoft subdomain it's a great experience for me lots of people appreciate that time.

What vulnerabilities have you discovered so far in your career as a Bug Hunter? 

Sreedeep : I'm a learner so I test small bug ... 

One more thing I have no PC/Laptop but I find all things via Mobile .. I already got 5 time Microsoft , 2 time Google Hall Of  Fame.

What circles do you move in? White hats, black hats or both?

Sreedeep : Whitehat. :) 

What is your future plans?

Sreedeep : My plan i need to take OSCP but I know it's so hard for me but still studying.

What is your advice to newbie?

Sreedeep : 90% students are using Social Media but they didn't know more about cyber security or Ethical Hacking they are daily spending lots of time in social media, gaming , but if they learn cyber security it will help future career .. lots of cyber Security course are available also everything it on YouTube so learn everything it's a interesting topic for students.