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It is a huge privilege to be granted an interview with "Mr. Atul Singh" Information Security Researcher.

So now without wasting the time, lets start interview with him and find out more !

As a renowned cyber security expert, can you give us a brief background on when and how your interest in cyber security sparked?

Mr. Singh : Hi, this is Atul Singh, working as security analyst. A guys who is mainly interested in bug hunting, web/network/mobile pentesting, content writer for Hackin9 Magazine and always wants to learn anything realted to infosec.I'm Head of Hackers Day Rajasthan and Steering Committee member of NISS. I belongs to Rawatbhata near Kota (Rajasthan) and i entered into infosec in 2010.  Once my elder brother was talking about some hacking stuffs and as i had already read few articles on hacking so it gains my attention and i start asking my brother about hacking and all these stuffs. Later I started gathering materials related to hacking. Not daily but within 2 days or 3 days i used to go to Cyber cafe as I had no internet connection at my home and even i was not getting much money from home so i had to collect money for cyber cafe. So this is how i started learning. Daily i used to go to Kota around 50 Km far from my home to learn Programming languages because no training institute was in my city except basic computer classes, and their i meet Sourabh sir, he was my Java trainer, He taught me many things and also provide me study materials related to hacking stuffs. In 2014,I started my career as a Software developer, but my main intrest was in Infosec, so i jumped to Infosec again and Join Appin Technology Lab as a Trainer, Later i moved to Mumbai joined HPE as Security Consultant and they deploy me in client location, that was not easy task. I was part of Managed Security Services (MSS) and then moved to Pune. My intrest in cyber security sparked because of my elder brother Amit and my trainer Sourabh sir, these guys are my piller. From being a city where nobody knows nothing about hacking, for them hacking is just like facebook and gmail hacking, my brother and parents supported me and if today i'm here then only because of their efforts.

You are recognized for your works. In your personal point of view, what is your greatest contribution to the industry?

Mr. Singh : I have provided many workshops, seminars related to Ethical hacking and cyber security awareness program because still many people's are not aware about these things so i love to spread knowledge with everyone so that they can understand these things.

What do you consider as the greatest incident of cyber attack, hacking, or other related issues that struck the world recently?

Mr. Singh : If we talk about recent attacks then everyone remember about WannaCry and Petya ransomware. The whole world suffered from these two Ransomware attacks which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If someone is not realted to these terms ransomware then I would like to tell that "Ransomware is a particularly nasty type of malware that blocks access to a computer or its data and demands money to release it. When a computer is infected, the ransomware typically contacts a central server for the information it needs to activate, and then begins encrypting files on the infected computer with that information. Once all the files are encrypted, it posts a message asking for payment to decrypt the files – and threatens to destroy the information if it doesn’t get paid, often with a timer attached to ramp up the pressure.Most ransomware is spread hidden within Word documents, PDFs and other files normally sent via email, or through a secondary infection on computers already affected by viruses that offer a back door for further attacks."

How do you perceive the state of cyber security in the next 10 years? What should we prepare for?

Cyber security is a problem that we all need to be concerned about. After all, it's something that has the potential to impact each and every one of us. From individuals and small businesses to massive enterprises and government agencies, there's no entity that falls outside of the scope of cyber criminals. What this creates is a computing environment that's filled with malicious threats for all users – if they aren't suitably defended.

A few years from now, it may be commonplace for 11 and 12-year-olds to learn about cyber security right alongside the periodic table of the elements. The field of cyber security is expected to grow tenfold over the next 10 years, for all workers who will enter into the cyber security field, having a strong set of virtual security skills will be absolutely imperative. After all, the battle against cyber crime will call for a workforce that's able to anticipate moves hackers make before they make them. In the coming years, more and more students will graduate from cyber security programs and enter the workforce as newly-minted cyber fighters. When they do, they'll help to fill a much-needed gap between hacker efforts and business defenses. But because these individuals will be in such high demand, it will become important for businesses to offer them appealing employment deals.

Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc,  is Information Security your profession or your passion ?

Mr. Singh : I have written few articles for a very well known U.S based Hackin9 magazine, and Information Security is passion and as well as profession too. It gives me a lot to learn many things.

In terms of computer / web security, what are the countries that show preparedness for cyber terrorists?

Mr. Singh : A few countries along with terrorist organisations of all hues are wreaking havoc across the world, displaying their cyber prowess at crippling infrastructure — political and financial — of countries without deploying conventional violent means. The West, especially the US, is vigorously putting in place systems to combat the menace. India is also becoming the part of the race. 

Can you give us any hints about your topic ?

Mr. Singh : In NISS my topic is Android Application Security, in which i'm going to explain infrastructure of the android app, what are the vulnerabilities related to mobile applications, and beginners how they can start learning android app testing.

In what way NISS 2017 help attendees ?

Mr. Singh : I strongly believe NISS 2017 is going to be the starting point for very young Chaps who are going to attend the event.I believe NISS is going to path for many young,growing cyber researchers which Indian is in great need. Its an awesome work done by the fellow members to share info among the infosec guys.

What would you like to say about Nitin Pandey for his initiative NISS 2017 ?

Mr. Singh : I would like to say that Nitin Pandey has done a great initiative, and  I really want to appreciate his dedication towards hackers day which unite sec researchers all over the world at one place hoping to see lot from him. I assure that all Cyber Researchers will stand before him,supporting him and making the Hackersday a Grand success.

                                                    National Information Security Summit ~ 2017


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