Wednesday, 16 August 2017

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Ubiquiti Labs, a company that has been known more for its Wi-Fi products, is launching a new product outside of its normal realm. What you see above is FrontRow, a new camera that the firm hopes will change the way people capture their daily lives.

FrontRow isn't like a traditional camera, but does run Android and has a wealth of different options like streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Beyond being able to stream, users will also be able to use the 8MP rear camera to shoot quality up to 2.7K making use of the optical image stabilization. The front-facing camera is a 5MP sensor with a resolution up to 2K. The device is quite small, easily fitting in the palm of the hand, and still offers a reasonable amount of battery life with up to 50 hours of standby, nearly two hours of video recording and live streaming. When the power runs out, you can always top up using a USB Type C cable. For a bit of fun, FrontRow can create time lapses of your day, that require no editing thanks to an intelligent system that will automatically discard bad images.

The device will come in two colors, black and rose, and will be priced at $399. Currently, the black model is available for immediate shipment.


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