Thursday, 17 August 2017

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US investigators have at the moment only one witness in a case of alleged attacks by Russia on US Democratic Party servers during last year's presidential election campaign. He wrote the New York Times. The aim of the hacker attack was, according to the FBI, to get information disadvantaging Hillary Clinton in the election campaign against Donald Trumpe. Russian interference now, apart from the FBI, is being investigated by four US Congress committees.

The only known witness that the FBI now has available to him is, a certain Ukrainian hacker. A man who uses the nickname Profexer and whose real name is not known lives in Kiev under police control but is not arrested. He himself said the Ukrainian police officers had signed up.

There is no evidence that Profexer, at least consciously, worked for the Russian secret service. I created malware, malicious software, but obviously Moscow used it. The case, according to investigators, throws a new light on the case of Russian interference and the technique of work of Russian intelligence services in the cyber war with the USA and Europe.

Free hacker community

In Russia, there seems to be no compact team of government employees who write off assault programs during their regular working hours in Moscow or St. Petersburg. It's more about a free community that uses programming skills and hacking tools wherever they come across.

In Ukraine, the allegedly rooted hacker group Fancy Bear, considered to be an ally of the Russian government. According to US intelligence, it is associated with Russian army intelligence. Fancy Bear, along with another group called Cozy Bear, is accused of participating in an attack against US Democrats. Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear work more like organizational and financial centers, specific programming work done by private outsiders, often with a criminal history, states the American Letter.

However, specific evidence is missing. That is why the investigators turn to Ukraine, which Russia has used for years as a laboratory of political and hacker operations. Getting the first witness right there is no surprise.


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