Friday, 1 September 2017

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It is a huge privilege to be granted an interview with Digital Forensics & Cyber Intelligence expert "Mr. Deepak Kumar (D3)". 

So now without wasting the time, lets start interview with him and find out more. 

As a renowned cyber security expert, can you give us a brief background on when and how your interest in cyber security sparked?

Mr. D3 : Aah well known inspirational line "A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem", That's the reason behind here. The reason is pretty simple, it's about to choose yourself between information vs intelligence. Briefing myself as I am an active learner in cyber of things and forensics domain; keen going through with that latest trends going in the cyber era and silently converted my passion into a profession.

You are recognized for your works. In your personal point of view, what is your greatest contribution to the industry?

Mr. D3 : Selfless trying to give my 0,1 with respect to cyber hygiene and forensic awareness not only to corporates and law enforcements but the academic and common person as well. Briefing to new comers because they are the future, guiding sessions to the law enforced so they will become smart enough to narrow down the ratio of cyber crimes.

What do you consider as the greatest incident of cyber attack, hacking, or other related issues that struck the world recently?

Mr. D3 : Well that depends on the person's interest, some of the worries about is my system/mobile is hacked/backdoored and some worried about blue whale game. The major threat is illusion rather any cyber things.

How do you perceive the state of cyber security in the next 10 years? What should we prepare for?

Mr. D3 : Frankly saying, off course changes will come and its up-to us. The good guys need to protect everything that’s online; the bad guys just need to find one way in. New technology adoption and implementation by our government and that will be done by our young generations start-ups and by innovative minds.

Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc,  is Information Security your profession or your passion?

Mr. D3 : Security comes first then Forensic always there. Cyber security huge demand in future and there is the difference between quality and quantity. Well in free time bashing my words on my blog

In terms of computer/web security, what are the countries that show preparedness for cyber terrorists?

Mr. D3 : Regarding nation /state cyber security preparedness then Russia US UK Israel china they are the top. But for the preparedness always follow the PPT model where it needs the collaboration of Plan, People, and Technolgy.

Can you give us any hints about your topic ?

Mr. D3 : Well so far its relate to 21st century cyber forensics

In what way NISS 2017 help attendees?

Mr. D3 : Great, and being as an advisory member of NISS I would say the team is doing a commendable job. It's encouraging to all members learners researchers to come up with the same platform by sharing their experiences. A big thanks to all :)

What would you like to say about Nitin Pandey for his initiative NISS 2017?

Mr. D3 : Do Your Best & Forget the Rest ;)
                                                    National Information Security Summit ~ 2017

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