Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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Writer and radio personality Redi Tlhabi's Twitter account was hacked on Saturday, weeks after the release of her book Khwezi.

Reporter Karyn Maughan shared a video - sent to her by a clearly frustrated Redi Tlhabi - addressing the hack.

In the video Tlhabi says: "The level of hacking on my Twitter account has been so sophisticated that after four and a half days Twitter has been unwilling or unable to resolve this issue."

"It has been escalated to the highest level but Twitter has not figured out what's been going on. I have not tweeted since the 22nd of September. Anyone who has been tweeting using my name is a fake, a fraud. It is not me. I have not had access to Twitter since the 22nd of September," she continues.
Tlhabi then goes on to call out all the fake accounts that are using her name. And even though there is an account using the correct spelling of her name and surname Tlhabi reiterates that it is a fake account.

"It isn't me, I have no access to Twitter," she says. 

To prove her "authenticity" she shared some personal items in the video, including a pair of running shoes, her favourite lipgloss, shorts and her wedding album.
She explains her reason behind her actions saying: "Because the hacker can't tweet from my house and cannot take any videos of my family."

"When my Twitter is restored, I will post a video. Until then anything that claims to come from me [is fake.]" she ended the video.



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