Tuesday, 24 October 2017

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A lobbying group which represents tech giants including Google, Facebook, and Twitter is expected to propose that companies impose self-regulation on the ads they display to users. The alternative, which the lobby group isn’t so thrilled about is a proposed federal law, introduced by three senators, which would require more disclosure about online advertisers.
Randall Rothenberg, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, is scheduled to testify before a House subcommittee on Tuesday. He will speak in favour of self-regulation by big tech companies, proposing that they police their ad supply chain for bad actors and provide greater transparency into who’s using the platforms to advertise.

The testimony comes amid two congressional investigations and a special counsel’s probe which are investigating whether Russia infiltrated and ultimately manipulated the outcome of the US Presidential election in 2016 - leading to the election of Donald Trump, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

If the self-regulation proposal fails to gain traction, both Google and Facebook have previously said that they’ll work with lawmakers and regulators in order to provide better transparency on their advertising platforms.


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