Saturday, 2 December 2017

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What's the story

Rusev is quite a prankster and a pretty entertaining person to have around, that's for sure. He's known for his antics on Total Divas and his witty personality is hidden by his rough exterior on WWE television which is really a shame. But he's at it again and recently hacked his wife, Lana's Twitter profile to get a good laugh. It was pretty entertaining to everyone else too.

In case you didn't know...

The Bulgarian Brute might have played an anti-American when he was first called up and then took on an arrogant demeanor afterward as he proudly proclaimed that every day was Rusev Day. But let's face it, every day is Rusev day.

Heart of the matter...

You rarely see the lighter side of Rusev like you did with this prank. Although if you're not following him on Twitter, I highly suggest it because he's a lot of fun to follow. When you do you'll randomly find gems like these in your timeline.
Apparently, Rusev is a Harry Potter fan, who knew? He went through the Harry Potter franchise while out rehabbing his recent injury. He was thankful to have all that extra time to read whilst being out with those pesky shoulder issues.
Rusev is also known to give wonderful advice on his Twitter about how you can properly celebrate Rusev Day. He has been known to give his opinions about great movies he recommends to add to the festivities.
But the Bulgarian Brute can still get serious in his Twitter profile as he is known to give parenting advice along with heartfelt observations about the world around him.

What's next

With a personality like Rusev's who knows what kind of shenanigans he'll get into next? After all, he has to figure out some way to celebrate Rusev Day every day.


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