Thursday, 30 August 2018

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What you see above, is the phone in its most basic form. Despite its simple appearance, the MP02 offers support for 4G LTE bands and also runs Android.

The curious handset will make its debut at the London Design Festival in a few weeks. It will be the successor to the MP01, which made its debut a year ago and offered users peace of mind, being free from distractions. The new model will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, still aimed at offering a minimalistic experience, but will improve in certain key areas.
The MP02 will feature 4G LTE connectivity, which is a leap forward when compared to the MP01, which only featured support for 2G. This is a huge plus, considering that some parts of the world do not even have access to 2G service anymore. Since you will be able to take advantage of faster data speeds, the MP02 will also be able to function as a hotspot, allowing devices to be tethered to it.
Since it will be running Android, the software will be able to handle more complex interactions. For example, the new phone will allow for threaded text messaging and will even have a user-defined dictionary. A partnership with BlackBerry will provide the device with enhanced security, helping to protect and safeguard your data.

Those that pre-order the handset will be treated to a free LAMY writing instrument. If located in London, you will be able to purchase the handset at the Jasper Morrison Shop starting on September 17. Pricing and pre-order details have not yet been disclosed but all should be revealed on September 17.

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