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It is a huge privilege to be granted an interview with the "Founder of  UnitedCon" "Mr. Nitin Pandey". 

So now without wasting the time, lets start interview with him and find out more.

Q. As a renowned cyber security expert, can you give us a brief background on when and how your interest in cyber security sparked?

Mr. Pandey: Well, first of all I would like to thank The Hacker Samachar for again giving me this opportunity to interact and share my view with everyone. My curiosity developed into this field when I was in School, I guess in 2007 and I started learning articles, blogs, Vivek Ramachandran Sir’s “Security Tube” videos while pursuing my bachelors in Computer Application. So, Instead of attending classes I ended up having stuck to my computer at home and learning more and more about hacking. In those 11-12 years what I learnt is we should always keep learning and never stop it. It’s your kindness to call me a renowned cyber expert, but I call myself just a Cyber Security Learner because in this field new challenges come every day and we always have to be aware of these challenges and should learn from them. As I belong to Uttar Pradesh, being most populous state it packs together a huge percentage of unaware internet users. That was the main reason to start DEFCON Lucknow. Then I conducted first ever InfoSec conference in my state and from there I came in front of InfoSec Community.

Q. You are recognized for your works. In your personal point of view, what is your greatest
contribution to the industry?

Mr. Pandey: In my personal point of view I think my greatest contribution to InfoSec Community is to support my country in “Nation Building” & establishing a platform for new and young talented
security researchers to showcase their talent. I have noticed that most of the time new faces get
ignored which is completely unfair. Everyone deserves equal chance to share their knowledge &
skills. That was the main reason of conducting DEF CON Lucknow twice, Leading OWASP Lucknow Chapter for over 4 years and then forming my own Organization named as “National Information Security Council” followed by Hackers Day and UNITED CON. Before taking the initiative of conducting my first conference in 2014, I had conducted an individual research work and it revealed the fact that most of Uttar Pradesh government websites were damn vulnerable to attacks. The databases were out dated, the least secured ones. So as mentioned above, I started leaning and
apart from organizing conferences, I have delivered many Talks as Speaker in India & in abroad as
well, workshop training, seminars related to Ethical hacking and cyber security awareness program
because spreading awareness and sharing my knowledge is what I always love to do with everyone
so that they can understand these things.

I can say that the best moments from my contribution to this community were getting appreciation
and acknowledgement twice by His Excellency Shri Ram Naik Ji, Honourable Former Governor of
Uttar Pradesh, representing my country in Russian IT Synergy, Russia twice, training IT professionals
and students of Sri Lanka at SudoCon 2019 for almost 12 days and the love and respect I earned in
Russia & Sri Lanka is priceless. There are so many more memories are attached but I don’t think I am
able to share all of them here.

Q. What do you consider as the greatest incident of cyber-attack, hacking, or other related issues that struck the world recently?

Mr. Pandey: Well, if we talk about recent attacks then I must say it was “Wannacry Ransomware” attack which shook whole world, especially Russia, Ukraine & India as these were the most affected
nations. The whole world suffered from this Ransomware attack which targeted computer systems
running the Microsoft Windows Operating System by encrypting data and demanding ransom
payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for the decryption key. I still remember when I was invited
for Russian IT Synergy 2017; my topic was even about “Cyber Terrorism & Ransomwares”. So as we
all know that after WannaCry Ransomware, so many Ransomwares got leaked such as Petya
Ransomware, Locky Ransomware, Bad Rabbit and so on. This gave cyber criminals a new way to
create Ransomwares and making money. Another big challenge I see is “Cyber Terrorism”. I found
many Terrorist chat groups, sensitive information related to terrorism when I was recently
researching on Dark Web for Russian IT Synergy 2019 which revealed that many Terrorist
Organizations are active on Internet and using Dark Web for communication and other purposes.
Women Safety is also a very important issue and challenge and that is why I have scheduled a special
Panel Discussion on it.

Q. How do you perceive the state of cyber security in the next 10 years? What should we prepare for?

Mr. Pandey: Cyber-attacks are happening daily which clearly shows the importance of security. I always say that Cyber Security is the “Fifth Dimension of National Security”. We need to spread awareness as much as we can do. Police, Web or Software developers must be well trained. Developers should always follow OWASP guidelines while developing Web applications. People are trained to perform their jobs in technology, accounting, sales, etc. but lack the basic knowledge of how to protect company data from the outside. You can’t assume that everyone knows the rules, cautions and dangers. Attackers are getting better and better at disguising their methods, it’s not always obvious. We should always be prepared for new challenges and emerging threats. As we encounter the new technologies and their parallel exploits we have to prepare ourselves to such a mechanism that allows individuals to face any attack and mitigate it in less possible time.

Q. Awards, Presentations all over the world, Publications etc., is Information Security your
profession or your passion?

Mr. Pandey:. I entered into this field as a passionate cyber security enthusiast but it became my profession with time. So, I can say that it is my passion as well as profession too.

Q. In terms of computer web security, what are the countries that show preparedness for cyber

Mr. Pandey: I always give example of “Israel” as a well prepared country to combat against terrorism. Also a few countries especially United States and China, are vigorously putting in place systems to combat the menace. Republic of India is also becoming a part of that race.

Q. Can you tell more about “UNITED CON” Conference?

Mr. Pandey:  As an organizer of my 6th conference, United Conference on Cyber Space (UNITED CON) is an International Information Security Conference & an initiative of National Information Security Council for Promoting, Demonstrating & Spreading Awareness Regarding the Field of Information Security. It is the Show that Sets the Benchmark for all Security & IT Professionals. We are bringing together the Brightest Minds in the World for Two Days of Learning, Networking, and Skill Building. Speakers and Delegates are coming to UNITED CON from Russian Federation, Israel, United States, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so on. The conference is scheduled on January 13 & 14, 2020 in New Delhi, India. Apart from Keynote & Technical Talks, we are also conducting hands-on Workshop trainings; Capture the Flag Contest, Panel Discussion, Lock Picking, Car Hacking & Hardware Soldering Villages and so many events. For those who are not eligible for Speaker, we have also planned something for them called “Hackers Journal” where everyone can submit their research papers and we will publish all papers in our Journal. I personally invite everyone to Join Us for Two Intense Days of Trainings and Two Jam-Packed Days of Briefings as it is my last conference as an organizer.

Q. You don’t want to continue organizing such conferences anymore? Would you like to share with us, why?

Mr. Pandey: Well, from the beginning, The Hacker Samachar is always very close to my heart. Therefore, I believe it is best time to announce that UNITED CON is my last conference as an organizer. That is the main reason I decided to conduct it in National Capital and this conference is also very special for me as it is my final one, so I want to make this conference a huge successful. I had already taken a break of 2 years from organizing any conferences as I was busy in learning and researches for International conference; I decided to give a farewell before saying goodbye to organizing conferences. The reason behind my decision is my career. I want to focus on my company, learning new things in Cyber Security domain and I really love doing researches. It’s full of fun and I learn a lot of new things from it. Frankly speaking, organizing a conference is a very difficult job. It takes lots of  hard work, team support, financial challenges etc. Sometimes people think that conducting conference on a very large scale makes the Organizing team rich which is completely wrong. Whatever comes from registration fee & sponsorship, we put it all in conference & in reality,
sometimes we face financial crisis and put own savings to conduct the conference successfully. That
is the truth what I have personally experienced. After UNITED CON, I want to focus on my career but I will be always there for everyone. Will keep participating in Cyber Security Events, will always be available for talks/trainings. I would also like to thank all of you for your continuous love and support to me which always helped me in serving the nation in the field of Information Security. Cyber Security is what I love and I will always be active in this field.

Q. Can you give us any hints about your topic?

Mr. Pandey:  I haven’t decided my topic so far as I am continuously engaged in preparation of the conference but will definitely announce my topic once I will finish the preparation.

Q. In what way this conference will help attendees?

Mr. Pandey: I have planned this conference in very unique way like Speakers are allowed to speak in their Native languages and it will be translated by a translator. The attendees will learn new things as
almost all speakers are highly skilled and their topics are so much interesting which will developer a
curiosity in attendees. Also there will be hands-on workshop trainings which will teach a lot to the
participants. I have also planned to put more very important topics in Panel Discussion
(Question/Answer) session such as “How Cyber Security can play an important role in Women
Safety” and “How technology can help making our National Capital pollution free” and so many
interesting events will be held during UNITED CON. All the details are available on our website

Thank you so much Vismit Rakhecha for again giving me an opportunity to share my view with The Hacker Samachar. I really appreciate It. Jai Hind!


  1. Sir, Your contribution to cyber security domain will always remain. I felt sad to hear that you are saying Good Bye from your conferences but I can understand your problem sir.
    We all love you sir. You are an inspiration for the new generation and we have learnt a lot from you. Happy to read that you will be active in cybersecurity field ��
    Yours, Ankit



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  2. Salute to you sir! You are always a great mentor and an ideal.

  3. You are such a great person and inspiration for each and every student those who wants to go in the field of cyber security.

  4. As usual a fantastic one from Chairman. Eagerly waiting for UnitedCon.

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