Tuesday, 11 February 2020

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According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, experts from network security company Kaspersky discovered that hundreds of websites promised to provide free download services of this year's top rated movies, but in fact all downloads were malware. There are also more than 20 phishing sites that trick users into entering their credit card numbers and other sensitive information.
Screenshot_2020-02-08 Don't fall for 'free' downloads of Oscar-nominated films, they're malware.jpg
Clown is the movie most often used to lure victims: Researchers found 304 malicious files titled the movie. The World War I films "1917", "The Irish" and "Hollywood" have 215, 179, and 150 malicious files, respectively. According to Kaspersky, the Korean film Parasite has no malicious files associated with it.
In this regard, Kaspersky recommends that users check the download file extensions of legitimate sources, check the authenticity of the website, find out when the movie is released in theaters or streaming services, use reliable virus protection services and do not click on suspicious links.

Source : Kaspersky


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