Thursday, 19 March 2020

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IT House March 19th news Apple today released iOS 13.4 beta 6 / GM version system, followed by the jailbreak god Lucas released checkra1n 0.9.9 version to solve the issue of iOS 13.4 unable to escape.
IT House understands that the related jailbreak tools are still in the "experimental release" stage, and users need to check "Allow untested iOS versions" . At the same time, the new version adds support for T2 downgrade. At present, ssh / xnu booting does not work because the team has not bundled a virtual memory disk dedicated to T2, and checkra1n still does not support A12 and A13 device jailbreak.
According to reports, currently checkra1n 0.9.9 version is only jailbreak under macOS system, there is no U-key one-click jailbreak.
Early adopters can reply to " 13.4 Jailbreak " on WeChat public account of IT House (Note: WeChat searches "IT House" and follow) , and you can get the download address of checkra1n version 0.9.9. Mobile client users: Click the QR code image and save it to the phone, then use the WeChat scan function, select the album, find the QR code and scan it to follow the IT home.


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