Tuesday, 17 March 2020

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Nat Friedman (GitHub CEO) announced that  GitHub has signed  an agreement to acquire  npm and stated that npm will continue to provide public registry services for free after joining GitHub. After the transaction, GitHub's priorities include:

Provide better infrastructure and platform for registry services, guarantee npm is faster, more reliable, and more scalable

Improving the core experience

Stay active with the JavaScript community

In the future, npm will be integrated into GitHub to improve the security of the open source software supply chain and allow users to track changes to the npm package version from GitHub PR to fix issues.

Some key points:

Continue to support paying customers using npm Pro, Teams and Enterprise to host private registry

In the future, private npm packages for npm paying customers will be migrated to GitHub Packages to focus npm on becoming a large public registry for JavaScript

Regarding this acquisition of GitHub, some developers commented: Microsoft took over the entire open source ecosystem through the acquisition of GitHub, took over the entire JavaScript ecosystem through the acquisition of npm, occupied most of the developer's machines through Visual Studio Code, and passed TypeScript Changed the way developers use JavaScript. Therefore, it can be considered that JavaScript is now basically Microsoft.

In addition, there are still many developers' concerns: Why isn't it "Microsoft acquired npm"? Someone mentioned that Microsoft has a policy that does not allow Microsoft + GitHub to make joint exposures. Instead of confusing GitHub with Microsoft, Microsoft wants to maintain GitHub's reputation and brand purity.


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